#AOTH2019 + Parking

Are you driving to Art on the Hill this year? If so, the following rules apply.
First rule of Art on the Hill is… do NOT leave NP20 with a penalty charge notice.

Second rule of Art on the Hill is… do NOT leave NP20 with a penalty charge notice.

Seriously though, we know how much it smarts*, especially on the old wallet, so we thought we’d share some hints and tips to help you abide by the rules/avoid the pain.

Please be weary that the majority of Art on the Hill takes place in, or close to, a residential area. This means roadside parking requires a residential permit, or allows parking for a limited time only, typically 1 hour maximum. We recommend arriving early to scout an appropriate place, but please be courteous to residents when considering your parking space.

There is plenty of parking in Newport City Centre, but in the run up to Christmas, City Centre parking, i.e., Friars Walk and Kingsway, will be busy and expensive, e.g., NCP. We recommend the car park at Civic Centre, aka. Faulkner Road Car Park. This will place you close to MANY of the venues for #AOTH2019

For all council owned car parks (apart from Maindee), the following charges apply: 

  • up to three hours = £2.50 
  • three to five hours = £4.50 
  • over five hours = £6.00  

Hope this is helpful and that you don’t get a fine!

*verb. (3rd person present): causing a sharp stinging pain


By celfarybrynnp20

Arts on the Hill Newport is a weekend of art and creativity on the west side
of Newport featuring open houses, events and exhibitions. Artists can open
their homes to share their work or work with partner venues and
organisations to show in other places. There’s room for all art forms with
events over the weekend to be included on a printed trail map that will be
available from partner venues from mid November each year.