Mae Calan Gaeaf (31 Hydref) yn cael ei ddathlu ledled y byd fel Dydd y Meirw. Yn ôl chwedloniaeth Cymru mae Gwyn ap Nudd, Brenin Annwn (neu Annwfn) yn rhodio’r tir ar y noson hon! Cliciwch ar y ddolen yma i glywed mwy(Diolch o galon i Hunaniaith): https://youtu.be/64bVHxY0-ck , ac yna be’ am gymryd rhan yn ein cystadleuaeth addurno penglog? Mae ‘na thempled a chyfarwyddiadau i’ch helpu, a thaflen o batrymau Celtaidd….ond mae rhyddid i chi greu fel ‘rydych chi’n dymuno.

Bydd rownd leol Casnewydd yn cael ei beirniadu gan Celf ar y bryn Casnewydd / Art on the hill Newport felly anfonwch lun o’ch penglog gorffenedig i ni ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol neu i post@menteriaithcasnewydd.org erbyn y 31ain o Hydref. Mi fydd yr ennillydd yn mynd i’r rownd genedlaethol sydd yn cael eu beirniadu gan ddwy o awduresau blaenllaw Cymru sef Angharad Tomos a Bethan Gwanas. Pob lwc!

Darganfyddwch fwy am Menter Iaith Casnewydd yma trwy eu tudalen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MICasnewydd



Halloween is celebrated worldwide as the Day of the Dead. According to Welsh mythology Gwyn up Nudd, the king of Annwn (or Annwfn) walks the land on this night! Click this link to hear more (Thank you very much Hunaniaith): https://youtu.be/64bVHxY0-ck. How about taking part in our skull designing competition? There is a template and instructions to help, how about using Celtic patterns…. or feel free to design the skull however you like.

Our local round will be judged by Art on the hill Newport so send us a photo of your finished skull on social media or to post@menteriaithcasnewydd.org by the 31st of October. The winner will be forwarded to the national round which will be judged by two of Wales’ most prominent authors: Angharad Tomos and Bethan Gwanas. Good luck!

Find out more about Menter Iaith Casnewydd here via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MICasnewydd



This week, another devastating announcement by Welsh Government means that as of Friday 23rd October, Newport and Wales in it’s entirety are going in to a circuit breaker lock down until Friday 3rd November 2020 😷

We are gutted for all our friends and venues who are having to close *yet again* because of COVID-19, but we fully support anything designed to help the most at risk in our community. As such, our plans currently remain unaffected by COVID-19 – we are still all systems go for 27th / 28th / 29th November but will update everyone as soon as / if there are any changes to our programming.

Seek out and support any small and local businesses before Friday’s closures if you can and feel able.

TTFN – Team AOTH x


Yr wythnos hon, mae cyhoeddiad dinistriol arall gan Lywodraeth Cymru yn golygu, ar ddydd Gwener 23 Hydref, bod Casnewydd a Chymru yn ei gyfanrwydd yn mynd i mewn i gloi torrwr cylched tan ddydd Gwener 3ydd Tachwedd 2020 😷

Rydyn ni’n gutted ar gyfer ein holl ffrindiau a lleoliadau sy’n gorfod cau *eto* oherwydd COVID-19, ond rydyn ni’n llwyr gefnogi unrhyw beth sydd wedi’i gynllunio i helpu’r rhai sydd fwyaf mewn perygl yn ein cymuned. O’r herwydd, ar hyn o bryd nid yw COVID-19 yn effeithio ar ein cynlluniau – rydym yn dal i fod yn systemau i gyd am 27ain / 28ain / 29ain Tachwedd ond byddwn yn diweddaru pawb cyn gynted ag / os bydd unrhyw newidiadau i’n rhaglennu.

Ceisiwch a chefnogwch unrhyw fusnesau bach a lleol cyn cau dydd Gwener os gallwch chi a theimlo’n gallu.



Jayne Bryant MS – @welsh_labour Member of Senedd for Newport West

Posted • @jbryantwales 🚨 From Friday 23rd Oct at 6pm – Monday 9th Nov new rules will come into force across Wales. We need everyone’s help for this to be successful to keep our families and communities safe.

🔗 Read more here: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-circuit-break-frequently-aske…

🔁 Please share


Registration is now CLOSED

Thank you SO much for everyone’s responses and interests! The team is now on their way to building and creating the space for this year. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email artonthehillnewport@gmail.com for any further inquiries.

Stay tuned / watch this space


Team AOTH x

#AOTH2020 – Register your interest & help shape the event


Crikey – what a roller coaster 2020 has been! There is so much uncertainty in the arts right now – for our freelancers, businesses, projects, practises and venues – it’s difficult to know what to do. For precisely that reason, Team AOTH and our friends at the Cwtsh Community & Arts Centre are pleased to confirm Celf Ar Y Bryn Casnewydd / Art On The Hill Newport in 2020 is going ahead as planned.

>>> BUT <<<

It is clear to us already that this year’s event will look VERY different to that of previous years. Newport as we speak is beginning it’s second week of a local lock down due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Gwent, which has led us to plan for a hard lock down / assume strict social distancing measures will be in place once AOTH takes place in November.



That being the case, NOW is the time for you to feed in and to share what you would like to do as part of #AOTH2020 this year, especially how you intend to go about it. It MUST be accessible to audience / visitors in one of the following ways:

  • Accessible online (via a website / social media / video conferencing software i.e. Zoom).
  • Viewable in an OUTSIDE space (a front garden or public park where 2m distancing is possible, street performances etc).
  • As a window display / shop frontage.
  • Large scale static installation that can be securely fixed in to position.

As in other years, there will be a registration fee to take part in this event, however you are welcome to charge audiences or viewers a ticket fee to watch your activity online. Concessionary rates are available but must be arranged with Team AOTH before your participation in the programme will be confirmed.

We are also looking for sponsors of this year’s event – if you or a local business would like to contribute in some way to #AOTH2020 please email the team at: artonthehillnewport@gmail.com

To Register for AOTH2020 and shape how this year’s event will look, please fill in this Google form so that the team can best support you further >>> https://forms.gle/BGqyhAmMdAPd9gdg8 <<< DEADLINE – FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER 2020

TTFN – Team AOTH x


Celf Ar Y Bryn Casnewydd / Art On The Hill Newport – #EpicAwards2020 shortlisted by Voluntary Arts

Back in June this year, Team AOTH applied to take part in The Epic Awards – an annual celebration of the achievements of voluntary arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland – run by Voluntary Arts promoting activities led by communities for their own benefit.

We were delighted to make the Epic Awards shortlisted projects, meaning that we met the Voluntary Arts’ 4x EPIC criteria to be put forward for their award :


Engagement: Who volunteered their time to make it happen? What did they do?

Partnership: Which other volunteers or organisations got involved? How did you all work together?

Innovation: Did volunteers work in a different way or try something new?

Creative development: How did the activity help volunteers develop their creativity?


Here’s what we said… we hope you agree!

To date, involvement with Art On The Hill Newport (AOTH) has been on a voluntary basis – even our own – and therefore defined by everyone who participates each year. We encourage people only to give what they can afford, whether that be time, energy or resources. Community groups and local businesses offer window space or open just to take part in the arts trail. People open their homes to host artists and artwork and neighbours run between venues distributing maps and put up posters promoting the event.

We enable participants to celebrate who they are, to promote themselves and their resources in our community, without prerequisite or agenda, other than to champion the cultural profile of Newport. AOTH has created opportunities for artists (amateur and professional) to share and sell work, to network and meet others, as well as learn new skills by participating in the trail. Empowering artists to celebrate their practices, it has inspired opportunities for work and collaboration.

AOTH has been particularly successful in building partnerships between independent, charitable and local authority venues in the city. AOTH’s reputation of being an event that empowers creativity and innovation has been prevalent since the art trail began. The trail has become a calendar event for participants to focus their creativity and research, and produce new work to share with art audiences in the city. In 2019 we supported our first projects seeking funding for art trail activity. Our festival partner Cwtsh worked with artist Andy O’Rourke to deliver Mandala workshops with local primary schools in the area to create public artwork for the art centre. We supported Leigh Davies ‘Playces’ application to the Arts Council of Wales for a production grant to build kinetic cardboard sculptures exhibited as part of the festival. We have also seen a number of artists, such as TEMMAH and Gary Martin (aka Jack of The Suburbs) go on to take part in international events as a result of taking part in AOTH.

AOTH has helped to profile and develop the creative identity of Newport to local audiences as well as people further afield in Wales and England. It has helped our community feel more positive about Newport as a place to live. The trail encourages increased physical and mental activity, getting people to speak to others taking part in the trail through a shared interest in the arts, reducing social isolation in the community and improving people’s quality of life in Newport. We have had feedback from audiences that they enjoy dis-covering new areas of the city as a result of taking part in the art trail. Creating opportunities for people to spend time and meet others in their locality has helped create a sense of well-being and a positive perception of arts activity in this area of Newport. Bringing together multiple venues over one weekend, it has increased our community’s access to a diverse scope of artistic activity at any one time. It has helped reduce barriers for participation and improved engagement between organisations and members of the public. It has helped build relationships between artists and audiences too.

voting for the Epic.

Voting for the #EpicAwards2020 has now ended, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything ourselves! You can keep up to date with the latest AOTH news here – find us on social media:

Facebook icon http://www.facebook.com/AOTH.NP20

Twitter icon http://www.twitter.com/AOTH_NP20


Here’s a list of all groups that were also short listed for this year’s award – read more about them by following this link to the Voluntary Arts website: https://www.voluntaryarts.org/Pages/Site/epic-awards/Category/epic-awards-shortlist


Epic Awards – Voluntary Arts http://www.voluntaryarts.org

The Joy of Sound – The Krar Project adapted a traditional instrument used by Eritrean and Ethiopian communities to provide inclusive music opportunities.

Sahyadri Friends Group – A group of Indian women founded this Coventry group to combat isolation and share creative skills.

Magpie Dance – Dance project ‘Hidden Impact’ explored the untold stories of the contributions made by people with learning disabilities during WWI

Keynsham Snap & Stroll – Peer-led creative photography group in North East Somerset building local connections and self-esteem

Jestaminute Community Theatre – This Redditch theatre group’s production brought local heritage, well known stories and local residents together

GrowFest19 – A two-day community festival celebrating the heritage of Newcastle-under-Lyme shared traditional creative skills

Foleshill Creates – Local creative group in Coventry use weekly sessions to benefit their own wellbeing and connect across the city

Flowers For Life -This Nottinghamshire project uses gardening, floristry and craft to inspire locals and improve their well being

Fascinating Rhythm – A film collaboration between a 60-strong female a capella group near Bristol and a local Down Syndrome charity

Eltham Arts Wall Project – More than 2,000 people of all ages contributed to this multimedia project exploring creativity and people’s different barriers

Comhaltas in Britain – Volunteer-led organisation took their annual celebration of Irish culture to the streets of a Cumbrian town

Art4Space – South London residents transformed their local community centre through mosaic and ceramic work

Stirling Photography Festival – Volunteer-run festival championing local and global artists

Spit It Out Project – Edinburgh-based collective using art to heal trauma

Comrie Cinema Club – Volunteer-run Perthshire group that brought the big screen to a small village

Castlebay Christmas Tree Project – Yarn bombing project in the Outer Hebrides that went global

Campsie Fest – Intergenerational bi-annual arts festival in Glasgow

Bridgend Eco-Bothy – Volunteer-led project in Edinburgh that created a new community space

BeeKind – Bee-inspired show that brought an Aberdeenshire community together

Heritage Theatr Cymru – A theatre group in Wales that explored the story of underprivileged women, prostitution, and a murder in 1908/9

Gŵyl y Ferch – Founded in 2019, this volunteer-run social venture created a festival celebrating creative women of North Wales

Celf-Able – A disabled-led inclusive art group that is now running in 5 locations around Mid-Wales

Avant Cymru – This South Wales hip hop theatre company brings a diverse range of local and international partners together

Tullyvin Musical Society – Bring a little piece of Broadway to a small rural area in Ulster

Moon Base Projects – A positive environment for people to express themselves creatively

Five Lamps Arts Festival & Hub – A growing event delivering multiple artforms to combat local crime

Care for Creation – Inter-faith public art project celebrating the environment with local community

Bluebell Community Development Project -Driving social change against poverty and exclusion through community projects


Find out more about Voluntary Arts here: >>> https://www.voluntaryarts.org/

Facebook icon http://www.facebook.com/voluntaryarts

Twitter icon http://www.twitter.com/voluntaryarts



TTFN – Team AOTH xxx


Drop in feedback – Thursday 12th December 2019


Well, it’s now one week on, but it’s fantastic to hear Newport still buzzing after last weekend’s #AOTH2019 😍 As promised, we’re going to be holding a drop in feedback session on Thursday 12th December at Ye Olde Murenger House on High Street between 6-8pm.

Thanks to Rob for hosting – it’s a quiet venue, is wheel chair accessible and for those worried about childcare, children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult… we would love to hear feedback from little Newportonians too!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it though – you can contact us directly to arrange feedback privately ➡️ artonthehillnewport@gmail.com ⬅️ or you can fill out our online forms below. The deadline for ALL feedback is SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER:

Audience – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1maGRpCZ6GBP7w5kPhxBNElG5FueGohK-W7kTrjtopMk/edit

Venue – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XPUI5kr4gZNWYm9tmOtZBc2JzJvRx-OmqW-dpW7B96A/edit?usp=drive_web

Participants – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1afYn2BLHU7CYvAmnKO2Qy-djsQSBn68j76A7rXy1UUw/edit

Hope to see you then! Thanks again for taking part & coming out to support the arts across Newport. #artsnewydd

Team AOTH x

AOTH2019: Raffle on the Hill

Prizes on the raffle table #AOTH2019

The news everyone has been waiting for… here are the winners of the Art On The Hill Newport prize draw, drawn at 5:30pm on Sunday 24th November at Cwtsh Arts Centre:

1st Prize: Hegarty Simons (#69) – A4, colour print by artist Kate Mercer
2nd Prize: Russell Cooper (#67) – Porcelain, cloud bowl by artist Caroline Mercer
3rd Prize: Cheryl Bedwin (#56) – Landscape painting by artist Pauline Price
4th Prize: Imogen Simons (#68) – 1-2-1 workshop with Leigh Davies making kinetic artworks from recycled materials
5th Prize: Jade Williams (#55) – Zine making workshop with artist, Smash Mouse
6th Prize: Justin Teddy Cliffe (#66) – Photobook, Front Row by Mario Testino
7th Prize: Nicky V (#63) – Photobook, FACE: The new photographic portrait book
8th Prize: Meg Clark (#54) – Book From Print to Stitch: Tips and Techniques for Hand-printing and Stitching on Fabric
9th Prize: £15 M&S gift voucher – Ellie Wade (#60)

And last but by no means least… 
10th Prize: James Milne (#62) – Artisan cards by artist Ella Wilding

Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be in touch this week to arrange collection of your prizes. #artsnewydd #stampsmeanprizes

Thank you (again) to everyone who took part and especially those who collected their stamps for #aoth2019 !

Thanks also to everyone who donated prizes this year – you rock!

Diolch Casnewydd #AOTH2019

Many thanks from the Art on the Hill Team

To all who came, to all who saw & especially those who braved the rain – diolch yn fawr iawn Casnewydd 🙌🧡🌟 

Art on the Hill Newport is over for another year and we would love to hear from you if you were involved in any way: as an audience member, a venue host or a participant (artist/designer/maker). Follow the links below to leave online feedback, of which we would be VERY appreciative:

Audience – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1maGRpCZ6GBP7w5kPhxBNElG5FueGohK-W7kTrjtopMk/edit

Venue – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XPUI5kr4gZNWYm9tmOtZBc2JzJvRx-OmqW-dpW7B96A/edit?usp=drive_web

Participants – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1afYn2BLHU7CYvAmnKO2Qy-djsQSBn68j76A7rXy1UUw/edit

We also have some important dates for your diary… 27th / 28th / 29th November 2020. You guessed it, #AOTH2020 ! We don’t hang around. 😁😆🤪

You can continue to follow all updates on our social media as they come in – search #AOTH2019 & #artsnewydd

#AOTH2019 + Parking

Are you driving to Art on the Hill this year? If so, the following rules apply.
First rule of Art on the Hill is… do NOT leave NP20 with a penalty charge notice.

Second rule of Art on the Hill is… do NOT leave NP20 with a penalty charge notice.

Seriously though, we know how much it smarts*, especially on the old wallet, so we thought we’d share some hints and tips to help you abide by the rules/avoid the pain.

Please be weary that the majority of Art on the Hill takes place in, or close to, a residential area. This means roadside parking requires a residential permit, or allows parking for a limited time only, typically 1 hour maximum. We recommend arriving early to scout an appropriate place, but please be courteous to residents when considering your parking space.

There is plenty of parking in Newport City Centre, but in the run up to Christmas, City Centre parking, i.e., Friars Walk and Kingsway, will be busy and expensive, e.g., NCP. We recommend the car park at Civic Centre, aka. Faulkner Road Car Park. This will place you close to MANY of the venues for #AOTH2019

For all council owned car parks (apart from Maindee), the following charges apply: 

  • up to three hours = £2.50 
  • three to five hours = £4.50 
  • over five hours = £6.00  

Hope this is helpful and that you don’t get a fine!

*verb. (3rd person present): causing a sharp stinging pain

Venue Map & Event Listing, Part II

Venue Map + Event Listing, AOTH2019

As promised, our #AOTH2019 Booklet has recently returned from the printers 💥💥💥 and is available for download as a PDF on both the Events page and Venues page.

Those of you who have taken part in Art on the Hill before will notice that the booklet is in a slightly different format: larger, A3 poster size with a double gate fold! 🙌

As before, it is double-sided, with the map and events sharing one side. On the reverse, is a list of featured artists, list of sponsors and the back cover has a place for your collection of venue stamps – up to 10 this year. If you can’t quite picture it, see below:

AOTH2019 Booklet – Reverse of Map

Because of the fold we have chosen, it’s a bit difficult to read online but if you are accepting of the challenge, you can download a PDF of the reverse side of the map (the front cover) below:

Paper copies of the #AOTH2019 booklet are being folded and distributed to venues this week.