Venue Map & Event Listing, Part II

Venue Map + Event Listing, AOTH2019

As promised, our #AOTH2019 Booklet has recently returned from the printers 💥💥💥 and is available for download as a PDF on both the Events page and Venues page.

Those of you who have taken part in Art on the Hill before will notice that the booklet is in a slightly different format: larger, A3 poster size with a double gate fold! 🙌

As before, it is double-sided, with the map and events sharing one side. On the reverse, is a list of featured artists, list of sponsors and the back cover has a place for your collection of venue stamps – up to 10 this year. If you can’t quite picture it, see below:

AOTH2019 Booklet – Reverse of Map

Because of the fold we have chosen, it’s a bit difficult to read online but if you are accepting of the challenge, you can download a PDF of the reverse side of the map (the front cover) below:

Paper copies of the #AOTH2019 booklet are being folded and distributed to venues this week.


By celfarybrynnp20

Arts on the Hill Newport is a weekend of art and creativity on the west side
of Newport featuring open houses, events and exhibitions. Artists can open
their homes to share their work or work with partner venues and
organisations to show in other places. There’s room for all art forms with
events over the weekend to be included on a printed trail map that will be
available from partner venues from mid November each year.