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Diolch to all the artists who have decided to take part in Art On The Hill this year.

Here are all their names, along with the venue numbers their work appears in.

If you liked their work, and are interested in finding out more about them and their work, scroll down for their details below.

Alan Roderick (1) (6)

Aled Rheon (2)

Andrea Carney (13)

Andrew Narowsky (19)

Anthony Carter (12)
Genre: Street Photography
Title: Pontypool “People and Places”
07814 332037 /

The exhibition is a small part of a large, continuing body of work, in monochrome, documenting the effects of the post industrial era on the prosperity of the town. The decline of the town centre and the effect on its its population.

Ariel Serotonin Jones (19)

Barbara & Bonnie Hawkins (24)
Genre: Illustration

Barbara shares her collector of artwork including her daughter’s – artist, painter and illustrator – Bonnie Helen Hawkins.

Barrie J. Morgan (19)

Carl Butcher (5)
Genre: Visual Art

Bordeaux, Berlin, Newport – These three cities are closely linked together in my mind, because of the large part they have played in my life. They provide the inspiration for a series of expressive prints and paintings which were a direct visual response to these locations.

Carpet – Spoken Word (6)
Genre: Spoken Word

CARPET is a brand new Spoken Word night that puts music, poetry, comedy and general word-smithery in a blender to create a fun, gig-like, raucous night of spoken word. Join us for spoken word, poetry, scriptings, bits, bobs and or short monologues.


A musician and painter CONSUMERSMITH creates bold and striking pieces with abstract, pop and street art influences. In love with the non elitist availability of street art CONSUMERSMITH uses the iconography of pop culture mixed with abstract painting as his expression of the great joy that comes from the freedom of creativity.

Conor Elliott (12)
Genre: Photographic Art
07814621817 /

The series ‘Babble On’ ponders playfully, yet seriously, the question of the interpretation of a photograph. These photographs are presented in a familiar style reminiscent of 17th century Dutch still life paintings. The objects are gathered from junk shops and arranged and displayed to give an impression of that familiarity.

Cwtsh Creative Writers (1)

Dai Howell (22)
Genre: Installation & Curiosity Museum (Conceptual Art)

The Museum of Night is not a museum of the night but a museum of Night. Of things, feelings, moments, future and past times which conveys the essence of Night. The mysteries, the possibilities, the dreams of the nocturnal hours. The sleepless wonderings and aspirations that mix the impossible with the possible. The Museum of Night seeks to create wonders utilising a pop up, unexpected style of presentation. Free tours of the museum are available on arrival.

Dean Lewis (4)
Genre: Digital illustration & photomontage

Since January 2016 I have created digital illustrations in the style of stained glass windows to comment on social and political issues. My main influences have been the work of Gee Vaucher and Peter Kennard and not, as some people have suggested, Gilbert & George.

Dino Rovaretti (6)

Eamon Sweeney (19)

Ella Wilding (7)
Genre: Painting / 07817537640

A variety of artworks are exhibited which demonstrate Ella’s inquisitive approach to landscape related themes; imagined gardens alongside studies of Willow pattern plates and recent allotment scenes. Similarly varied is Ella’s playful approach to line and colour using a range of drawing and painting materials.

Ellen Roberts (7)
Genre: Craft (wool)

Shepherd’s Moon is a cottage industry run from the home of Ellen Roberts. Each hand knitted item is created out of hand spun yarn by the knitter. Items also sold by guest artist Jill David. Items that are hand woven from the loom made by Ellen’s grandad for her grandma. We also sell knitting books and cds by Katherine Misegades. We hope you enjoy our items and keep an eye out, website is updated with new products as they are created!

Emily Baker-Bartlett (4)
Title: Drew Dawson
Genre: Illustration
07857987482 /

Emily Baker-Bartlett created the comic ‘Drew Dawson’ to represent communities and minorities such as People of Colour and LGBTQ+ people in a positive light and to help change current perceptions in modern media. Emily is currently studying a BA Hons Illustration degree at Falmouth University. The comic is available at the exhibition.

Ffion Trefor (19)

FUGLY ARTS SOCIETY (Billy Windsor) (3) (6)
Genre: Street / Pop Art
07710893172 /

Art work is based on subtle indications of the female form through a style similar to propaganda art [posters] and stencil art.

Gemma Bartlett (1)
Genre: Photography

‘The Familial’ explores notions of memory and the overlooked. Gemma’s work developed from a mother’s perspective, capturing little moments and reflecting on the simplicity of colour, form and light within her images. She has also worked with her own mother’s family photographs, cropping and rescanning them to understand past moments and the act of looking. The exhibition continues until Sunday 6th January 2019 at Cwtsh Community & Arts Centre – see their website for opening times

Gerard Whyman (12)
Genre: Illustration
07835 994463

‘Commercial Street through the years, 1900 – 1950s’ – This is a depiction of a row shops at the top of Commercial Street in Newport between 1900 to about 1950’s showing the changes in fashion and styles with a slight nod to historical events. The original is in pen and watercolour wash, this is a giclee print, one of 40 printed.

Gwent Arts in Health (13)

Over the past 12 years, GARTH has worked across the majority of ABUHB hospitals and within the communities that those hospitals serve. Our projects range from live music for patients in acute wards and those awaiting appointments to participatory visual arts projects that produce permanent works of public art within our hospital settings. By engaging patients and the greater hospital community, and by enabling them to contribute, a greater sense of ownership is developed for the art works. And it is through these often simple but sometimes complex creative activities, meaningful dialogue arises around common themes of health, wellbeing and experience.

Ian Lynn Palmer (12)

Ilana Held (2)
Genre: Music

Ilana Held was born to create and perform. She is driven towards making a difference with her music and focuses on writing unique songs that represent her rebellious personality. Ilana is not afraid to be blunt with her lyrics, but often searches for clever ways to turn phrases and draws lyrical inspiration from poetic themes. She has also been known to incorporate political and social issues into her songs. Ilana is a big supporter of raw, natural, music, rather than produced or synthesized music. She grew up in small town Massachusetts and was raised on bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but has more recently found inspiration in a variety of other artists from many genres. Her sound is a mix of American folk music and Americana, but she also draws inspiration from classic rock, blues, and punk. Ilana’s main focus is on songwriting, but she is also a passionate performer.

Jay Steward (19)

John Briggs (12)

John Crerar (21)

‘Raw Material’ is a series of photographs taken by the documentary photographer John Crerar in 2003/4 in the Ebbw Valley. The colour images are emblematic of the social and economic transition that this area of South Wales has experienced over the past 30 years.

John McCarthy (19)

Jon Pountney (11)

Jonathan Sherwood (19)

Julian Hayman (12)

Julian Meek (6) (21)

Justin Teddy Cliffe (6)

Leigh Davis (11)

Linda Kieft (10)
Title: Warrior
Genre: Ceramics

Born in 1947 in St.Albans, Linda gained a Degree in Fine Art from Leicester College of Art in 1969. Her connection to Wales came with her marriage, and in bringing up daughters in Wales, she maintained a lively career in community arts projects. Going on to study Art Therapy and an MA in Ceramics at UWIC, Cardiff College of Art, her work continues to concentrate on the figurative; the human form as an emotional screen and the relationships between the male and the female. Music, poetry, film, dance and significant stories both ancient and contemporary are ever present and important catalysts for her work. Narratives provide the impetus for the images and yet may become something else as the work emerges.

Liz Baker-Bartlett (4)
Title: Mrs Hughes – Come Rain or Shine
Genre: Illustration
07582 621249 /

Liz Baker-Bartlett created the comic ‘Mrs Hughes’ Welsh Weather Forecast’ as a bilingual (Welsh/English) comic with the intention of promoting the Welsh language and to brigthen up everyone’s day. The comic was published in The Abertillery & Ebbw Valleys Dynamic Newspaper. Liz is an Illustrator/Cartoonist and 2D Animation professional. Comics are available at the exhibition.

Lucie Sheridan (11)

Llamau (15)

Kate Mercer (23)
Genre: Photomontage

Kate Mercer works across a range of media including photography, video and collage, exploring human relationships with memory, identity and perception through photographs. Using both found and self-sourced imagery as starting points, her work explores the role of photography as document and self-constructed record.

Kate Woodward (12)

Katie Batchelor (11)

Marega Palser (6) (17)

Martin & Mariano Sotelano (11)
Genre: Photography and drawing
Martin Sotelano:
Mariano Sotelano:

The artworks are a combination of Mariano Sotelano’s drawings and photographs of Martin Sotelano. Together they create an interesting collage where both techniques blend smoothly. The subject of the artworks is based on prose and poems from Mariano Salas’ “Gritándote” (Shouting at you).

Meg Bateman (15)

Melanie Wall (19)

Myrig Watkins (19)

Newport Photomarathon (15)
Genre: Photography

See all the entries to this year’s Newport Photomarathon exhibited on the 1st Floor Mezzanine. Almost 100 photography fans aged 6-78 came out during Octobers half term to shoot 12 topics within 24 hours. This exhibition is a sharing of the winning images as well as contact sheets of every single photo taken!

Newport Writers Group (15)
Genre: Creative Writing

Newport Writers will be in the Upstairs Bar at The Riverfront on Saturday 24th between 9.30 am and 11.30 am. There will be performances of work by members and opportunities for visitors to contribute their own short written pieces on Newport. The group meet one every two weeks at The Riverfront to discuss writing creatively.

Newport Youth Service (15)

Operasonic (with Rhian Hutchings & Kirsten Evans) (16)
Title: Echoes of Swimming
Genre: Sound Installation
Twitter: #echoes

The Newport Corporation Baths were originally opened in 1890 by the Mayor of Newport and for nearly a century it offered swimming, bathing and dancing and gym in the winter months. In 1984 the Baths was closed and the building became offices. But echoes of swimming can still be heard. Operasonic creative director Rhian Hutchings and composer Kirsten Evans bring the Baths back to life for Art on the Hill.

Patricia Clifford (12)

Patrick Sullivan (19)

Pauline Price (15)
Genre: Painting

Originally from Merthyr Tydfil, Pauline Price now lives In Rogerstone. The landscape of Wales, it’s colours and textures is her joy and inspiration.

“An artist can never be short of a subject living here. Our landscape sings to us, as does our history and culture. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums from oils and acrylics to inks and mixed media. Most of my paintings start with a sketch rather than a photograph, enabling a freedom of line, colour and texture hard to achieve otherwise. I am quite experimental so it is hard to pin me down to one style. However, common to all my paintings is a pleasure in colour and texture.”

Philip Morgan (19)

Phoenix Film Lab (1)

Poddington Moore (19)

Rebecca Lewis (4)
Genre: Mixed media (painting and embroidery)

“I am soon to graduate from my Masters degree studying Arts, Health and Well being at the University of South Wales. My work was centred on working with the Alzheimer’s and Befrienders group at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre. I collected their stories and words as well as visually responding to their artworks that were created within their weekly sessions. I explored this through the relationship between paint and stitch work looking at participant’s strong use of concentrated colour, compositional values and mark making.

Through my work I wanted to challenge public perception and increase understanding of people living with Dementia.”

Redzip (12)

Rhian Davie (4) (11)
Genre: Anatomical Art
Facebook: Rhian Davie Illustration

“I’m a digital Illustrator inspired by anatomy and flora and fauna. I’m interested in creating work with these themes to show the beauty and fragility of life.”

Rhys Jones (12)

Ron McCormick (14) (21)
Genre: Photography

Ron McCormick’s photographs have been widely exhibited over the last five decades and recent books include Whitechapel Boy (Amazon); Triumph Workers Lock-In (Café Royal Books); Whitechapel in the 1970’s (Café Royal Books); Yellow (Ffotogallery). As part of #AOTH2018, he is showing 2 new bodies of work, ‘Carrrots’ and ‘Swarm’.

Rory Coughlan-Allen (12)

Sadie Tovey (11)
Genre: Sports Photography

Sadie is sharing a selection of images from a recent project about the unique sport of pigeon racing.

“I knew absolutely nothing about the sport, but was keen to learn and document it. I was lucky to find a local family who were willing to open their home to me. I feel privileged to have met Kevin and Sandra Upham, a couple who have bred and raced pigeons for over 25 years alongside the demands of work and family life. I was fascinated to listen to their stories and get first-hand experience of a sport that is in decline. Their enthusiasm was contagious and their commitment admirable. Experiences like this are the reason why I love photography.”

Sarah Featherstone (19)

Sarah Goodey (20)
Genre: Photography & Mixed Media (External Artwork)
07976 375781 /

Hearth: An exploration of contemporary domestic archaeology through photography and found objects.

Sebastian Bruno (21)
Genre: Photography

Sebastian Bruno is a documentary photographer originally from Argentina. His most recent book entitled Duelos y Quebrantos has just been shortlisted for the author book prize at Les Recontres d’Arles 2018.

Siop a Sariad (1)

Stephanie Roberts (17)

Stephen Hammett (19)

Steve George Jones (12) (19)

TEMMAH (12) (19)
Genre: Performative action.

I am a Multi Disciplined Visual Artist. My current practise is focused on body sculpture/apparatus, mark making becoming consequential. This has resulted in a continuum of experiments that started exploring the parameters of the human body and its awareness of the prosthetic: creating a developing interplay with control between the sculpture/apparatus and myself.

The Abstract Man (18)
Genre: Music

The Abstract Man will be performing at the bottom of his garden. He will sing songs of Russian painters, jackals, dogs, man-moths and prison ships. It will be fun… Sculptures by Mark Abraham available to view by appointment.

Tin Shed Theatre Co. (15)
Genre: Performing Arts

Tin Shed Theatre Co. pride themselves in consistently re-inventing the ways in which stories can be told, always seeking to create theatre in unusual places, for non-traditional audiences. For their latest project MOBY DICK on the Newport Transporter Bridge, they placed themselves in the heart of Pillgwenlly, working with residents and local professional performers to tackle this production with skill and passion. Honouring the history of the bridge by allowing it to influence the work, MOBY DICK was a project built from the ground up with; community, heritage and the unifying principles of theatre at it’s core.

Valeria Medici (12)
Genre: Photography
07535269116 /

Using primarily macro and telephoto lenses, I capture the essence of a subject by looking at it from a distance without interfering with its habitat and to admire its natural power. This role is applied to wild subjects as well as people and objects to crate an almost sensory experience.

Will Killeen (14)
Genre: Music

Will is an Irish acoustic blues guitarist, singer & songwriter. He has a unique style; Celtic Roots mixed with American Blues. He is a walking blues history manual.