#AOTH2021 St Mark’s Church

Photo: John Briggs: Black Lives Matter Protest 2020

Fri 1-4pm / Sat 27 12-5pm / Sun 28 12-5pm
Blessed to be back in action after lockdown 2020, St. Mark’s Church, NP20 4PH is very pleased to present a variety of artworks for this year’s contribution to Art on the Hill.

On show will be the work of photographers Anthony Carter, John Briggs, Rebecca Hammett and Rev. Rebecca Stevens, the new Vicar of St. Mark’s; sculptures by Clive McCarthy; working Bell Tower models and drawings by Jonathan Sherwood; and individual, live music performances by Julian Hayman and Mark Haworth.

Teas and coffees will be available in the café space, and above all, a warm welcome is extended to all visitors.

John Briggs – Spectacle: Three Sets of Newport Street Photographs 2009-2020

A slideshow of photographs will be shown on the screen above the altar at St. Mark’s Church. The images are taken from 3 bodies of work : 2009 Newportrait, 2014 NATO protest marches, 2020 Black Lives Matter protest march. A set of prints from the 2014 NATO protest marches will also be on display. More info:

Clive McCarthy

Clive shares his stunning sculpture made through lockdown. Clive also has work on show at The Cellar Door

Julian Hayman & Mark Howarth

Julian and Mark will be playing ambient guitar music at the Church of St Marks on Saturday and Sunday at the following times: Sat 27  @ 12pm Julian Hayman, 3pm Mark Howarth

Sun 28 @ 12.30pm Mark Howarth, 2.30pm Julian Hayman


Around Newport, Abertillery & Hay on Wye

The images are, mainly, candid shots of people and places taken with elderly Pentax S1 and Olympus OM10 film cameras. and a modern Panasonic Lumix G9 Digital Camera. I feel the grainy quality of film imparts a more atmospheric and timeless quality to an image …

Stephen Hammett & TEMMAH – Scribing: ‘Walks with my Father’

In lockdown – around the end of the second – the beginning of 2021, me and my father took walks in the cold, often not talking ,,, The results of this created a collaboration of images based on conversation between me and my father through light, water, movement and photography. 

Jonathan Sherwood – Campane di Verona

Two Bell towers with ringing bells, hung in the style of English and Veronese bell ringing.

More info: /

Revd Becca Stevens – Street Photography

Becca shares a selection of street photography taken in London, Israel and Bangkok.

More info: / Twitter: @rebeccaclaires1

TEMMAH – @alittle_spacegallery

A translucent backpack miniature gallery space – built with the purpose of access to all and accessibility to contemporary art spaces. This group show is the first exhibition in this little Gallery space and an international collaboration of artists based in Wales and Beyond. Insta: @alittle_spacegallery

By celfarybrynnp20

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